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Cassie grew up in a single family household with her mom and brother. Cassie struggled in school. She suffered from a learning disability and was falling behind, both socially and academically. As a single parent overwhelmed with the responsibilities of having two small children plus a full time job, Cassie’s mom realized she needed some help guiding Cassie down the path toward success. She turned to Big Brothers Big Sisters and everything changed when Cassie met her Big Sister, Jane.

Jane has been an influential presence in Cassie’s life for the past 13 years. She has opened up a whole new world that Cassie wouldn’t have experienced without her. This pair that started out playing board games has now grown into an adult relationship built on trust, positivity and a shared love for volunteering in their community. Jane has watched Cassie overcome insecurities, gain confidence and grow a passion for giving back to those less fortunate—all seeds that were planted and nourished by Jane over the past 13 years.

Jane & Cassie have a bond stronger than friendship. they have become family. Through thick and thin, good and bad, Jane has proven that she will always be there when Cassie needs her. Likewise, the time they spend together is a constant reminder for Jane that Cassie plays just as important a role in her life as well.

Big Sister Jane & Cassie Little Sister

Because of supporters like you, an empty hole in Cassie’s life was filled with a positive, caring adult role model that changed her life. There are currently over 80 children like Cassie waiting to be matched with an adult mentor. By giving to Big Brothers Big Sisters, you have the power to change these children’s lives for the better, forever!

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