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Imagine the struggles facing a child growing up today: homework, peer pressure, bullies, drugs. Now imagine watching your own child as they try to overcome these challenges. As a single parent working two jobs, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to spend quality time with your child. Where would you turn for help?

Tommy’s Mom was in a situation just like this. Tommy risked heading down a lonely path filled with dangerous choices, but his life has undergone a huge change thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters and supporters like you. At the age of four, Tommy lost his father. Over the next few years he struggled with low self-esteem and his schoolwork began to suffer. His mom knew he desperately needed a positive male role model in his life, so she turned to Big Brothers Big Sisters for help. That is when Tommy met his new Big Brother, Andrew.

Andrew has been instrumental in building Tommy into the person he is today. In the time they have spent together, Andrew has watched Tommy overcome insecurities, gain confidence and grow into an exceptional young man. Before meeting Andrew, Tommy never believed that attending college would be a realistic possibility for him. Now, as a freshman at Delta College, Tommy is incredibly grateful to have found a role model who could inspire him to work hard enough to achieve that goal.

Tommy & Andrew are celebrating eight years of being matched together. While the pair has experienced so much positive change over the past eight years, one thing has definitely remained constant. Tommy & Andrew are family, and that is something that will not change.

Big Brother Tommy & Andrew Little Brother

Because of supporters like you, Tommy was able to meet Andrew and grow into a responsible young man on the path to a successful future. There are currently over 80 children like Tommy waiting to be matched with an adult mentor. By giving to Big Brothers Big Sisters, you have the power to change these children’s lives for the better, forever.

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